May 11

MLB DFS FanDuel Picks (May 11/22)

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Slate Summary

  • Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope to continue this hot streak of MLB DFS and to start my cash game build, I am locking Goldschmidt on both sites. STL is one of two teams to project over 5 runs, the other being the NYM. Goldschmidt is batting 2nd at 3.9k against Watkins who is far from an elite pitcher and doesn’t strikeout many batters. Staying with the same team, Yepez provides the best value at 2.8k batting cleanup. Another salary relief play that I really like is Nimmo for 2.9k. As expected, leading off for the NYM, Nimmo gets on base a ton where his teammates should bring him home. Currently, I have McCalanahn as my preferable pitcher. He is $500 less than Ohtani but can definitely match or even surpass him in fantasy points. Another pitcher you can consider is Evoladi to save a bit of money but I would pay up for either McCalanahn or Ohtani.


  • Shane McClanahan (TB) (P) – $10,300
  • Paul Goldschmidt (STL) (1B) – $3,900
  • Brandom Nimmo (NYM) (OF) – $2,900
  • Juan Yepez (STL) (1B) – $2,800


  • Joey Wentz (DET) (P) – $5,800
  • Juan Yepez (STL) (1B) – $2,800
  • Dylan Carlson (STL) (OF) – $2,400


  • STL
  • NYM

Rajon Rondough

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Rondough has been playing DFS for the last 5 years as a core team member of DFS Crunch. He specializes in cash game contests and is a community leader at DFS Crunch.